see you in hell

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aulit moly

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english (Hawaiian kine :)
"see you in hell"

"A l'enfer" ?

either, i'll see you at our horrible job tomorrow, referring to the job as hell

or, i'll see you in hell, like a line in a movie (like both parties are evil in nature)

I kind of prefer to know the phrase pertaining to the first situation, where i'm talking to a friend and saying i will see him tomorrow at our hellish job

  • Fredddd

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    A la mine ? Rendez-vous à la mine ?("la mine" conveys the idea of a very hard job) "Rendez-vous en enfer" would not make me think of work because I would see it as too strong for that, but someone might have a different opinion about this. Wait for another answer. Bye !


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    I am not sure to understand.
    For me, without context, "see you in hell"="On se revoit en enfer" or "On se reverra en enfer" meaning we will not meet again before very long because we will not see each other again before both of us have died.



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    He means he will see his friend / colleague tomorrow at the workplace which seems to be of the hellish kind!
    "Galère" is a word that springs to mind when referring to dull job!
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