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  1. Penyafort

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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    A few more in EuroSpanish:

    La cagaste, Burt Lancaster "you screw it up, Burt Lancaster" [stress on the second syllable of the surname]
    Te han pillao, bacalao "They got you, you codfish"
    Alucina, vecina "Freak out (in surprise), neighbour!"
    A otra cosa, mariposa "Let's move right along, butterfly"
    Te jodes como dijo Herodes "Fuck you, just as Herod said"

    (I'd say some of them are not said anymore by millennials and zetas)
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    Lorraine in France
    English (US Northeast)
    I've heard Latinos in the U.S. greet each other with the expression:
    ¿Qué pasa, calabaza? What's up, squash?

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