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    Hello everyone,

    Is there an English noun that would express the fact of 'seeing the big picture'?

    For a bit more context, I want to say something like "We incorporated* these mechanisms into an extended Xxx framework for the sake of..." and there, I want to say: "seeing the big picture" (specifically here, how the mechanisms are positioned with respect to each other in a conceptual space), but in a more formal way (this is for a scientific paper).

    (*NB: "...incorporated...into" might be replaced with "...mapped...onto" in this sentence. Does one of these options sound much better than the other?)

    Every phrasing I have thought of so far ("breadth of view", "inclusiveness", etc.) sounds either bad or inaccurate to me.

    Thanks for your help!
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    "We mapped* these mechanisms into an extended Xxx framework in order to show the full context"?

    * preferable as more specific than "incorporated", which doesn't relate necessarily to showing a big picture while "mapped" does.

    I'm assuming you feel "seeing the big picture" is too informal for a scientific paper. Otherwise, it's a well-understood phrase, if a bit hackneyed.
  3. Kelly B

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    In order to offer a broader perspective, maybe. I like Clairet's context as well (this will come as no surprise. ;))

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