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    Good afternoon to everyone, I have been searching for the correct translation of the phrase "seek your north" in latin.
    With the help of some dictionaries I came up with the phrase "Septentrio vester quaere"
    Is it correct?
  2. asanga Member

    Quaere septentrionem tuum

    word order is flexible.

    Do you mean the north as a tool for navigation? Then you could also use new Latin stellam polaris, stellam maris "the pole star".
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  3. coatl92 New Member

    Cancun, Mexico
    Español mexicano
    Thanks Asanga.
    I mean North like a symbollic thing, like a point of reference or something, so what I want to express is like "orientate yourself" or "look for your objectives"
    I like the refrence to the pole star, it kinda make it more "poetic"
  4. asanga Member

    Yes, for orientation I think the pole star is good:

    stellam polaris quaere tuam "Seek your pole star."
    stellam maris quaere tuam "Seek your sea star." (stella maris = the star of the sea, the pole star used to navigate on the sea. Also associated with the Virgin Mary.)

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