Seeking for suggestion on dialogue making.

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    I'm required to make up two dialogues for EFL students.

    The task is based on a text reading, which talks about moon's influence and impact on our daily life. Both good and bad sides are mentioned. Such as magic moon therapy and moon-led madness, etc.

    I hope someone can give me some hint or inspiration on that.
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    - It was such a night yesterday...
    - Huh? What are you talking about?
    - Full moon! Didn't you noticed that?
    - Oh, right...My cat was mad yesterday. He always go nuts when there is a full moon. Running around apartment, jumping on the walls and speaking with human voice...
    - How bizarre...And what the voice said?
    - Yeah. He told us a story that he was a human long ago, but then old evil sorcerer turned him into a cat on one of those full moons ages ago...
    - No way...
    - Yeah, of course not. I'm just kidding. I don't even have a cat. So what's up with this full moon?
    - Don't know. My wife is more in those things... She said that full moon is a good start for cleansing your body, and as you also kind of fond of all that new age stuff, I thought I could hear just another opinion...
    - Well, from a eastern prospective moon and women are connected. Basically moon represents femine energy while sun represents masculine energy....

    continue? :D

    ...don't take it to serious. just kidding....
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    :p Very interesting! I like the "cat " plot most. Thanks!

    I had tried to say sth. about the tidal bore, aiming at showing the link between moon and tide. The following is my version. I wonder if you can give me some suggestion on it?

    (The Qiantang River is the major river of Zhejiang province and is 410km (254 miles) long. It is famous in China for its spectacular surging tides.)

    Ted: Pat, do you know CCTV will televise the Qian Tang Tide live tomorrow?
    Pat: Great! I still remember we’ve learnt it in our text book. It should be a fantastic tidal bore.
    Ted: Really? I have no idea about that. I am just wondering why the Qian Tang Tide is so attracting?
    Pat: Because it is the world’s largest bore at the mouth of Qian Tang River.
    Ted: What causes the Qian Tang Tide?
    Pat: It is caused by the combined gravitational pull of the moon and sun.
    Ted: Do you mean the biggest tide occurs when the sun, earth and moon line up?
    Pat: Yeah, but don’t forget the bell-shaped mouth of the Qian Tang river also helps.
    Ted: Interesting. I can’t wait watch it.
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    Just a few corrections, it's a good story.
  5. ljswj Member

    Thanks, Lizzeymac.

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