seemingly unrelated dreams and pursuits (non sequitur)


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I have created this thread based on this post. Please confirm if people would normally find these compound sentences strange and consider them examples of non sequitur when these stand-alone sentences are overheard from someone without an explanation:

Joe is studying zoology (BS Zoology) because he wants to go to med school someday.​

Q: What does zoology (study of animals) have to do with humans? :confused:
A: He would love to obtain a bachelor's in biology (probably the most ideal and popular premedical course), but he didn't qualify for it; it's easier to qualify for zoology, but he will be required to take additional relevant courses before being admitted to med school. :)

Jane is studying philosophy (BS Philosophy) because she wants to go to law school someday.​

Q: Is she going to do a Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle? What does being a philosopher have to do with being a lawyer? :confused:
A: She didn't qualify for the political science program (probably the most popular pre-law course), but law schools admit any bachelor's degree and philosophy is actually a good choice.
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    I would consider a BA in philosophy an excellent foundation for studying law.

    I probably wouldn't even blink at the zoology sentence. There is a range of latitude in pre med courses and he could no doubt fit in the required courses such as organic chemistry etc and even a minor in biology. I'm not even sure what a modern zoology degree would be, or if it's just a subset of biology.


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    You may not have noticed this, but humans are animals. ;) While majoring in zoology, you could take many of the biology courses that biology majors take. Many of those courses are not focused on human biology. US med schools do not require any particular major nor any particular courses. If you can get a good grade on the MCAT exam, you can get into medical school.
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