seen a bit of mileage


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I was watching the avengers and there is a scene where Stark takes off his armor and confronts Loki. The conversation goes like this:
Stark: Actually, I'm planning to threaten you. Loki: You should have left your armour on for that. Stark: Yeah. It's seen a bit of mileage, and you've got the glow stick of destiny.
What does he mean by "it's seen a bit of mileage"?
  • In general it means "showing the signs of wear and tear due to aging" because the original reference is to a car that has been driven for too many miles.

    Here Stark is saying that he has worn his armor for a long time and has fought many battles in it, so it is probably battered-looking.

    I'm sure how that exactly fits in with the rest of their conversation, but that's the basic meaning.

    A person could say that about their own face/body if they are older, or about another older person, as a kind of joke.

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