Segunda Fiscalía Provincial Especializada en Criminalidad ..

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  1. Saby88 New Member

    Hola a todos, tengo problemas para traducir
    "Segunda Fiscalía Provincial Especializada en Criminalidad Organizada"
    Mi intento: Second Provincial Prosecution specialized in Organized Crime

    Pero no me convence. Creo que es my literal y no nos da el sentido. Por favor ayúdenme.
  2. robjh22 Senior Member

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    It's true that "fiscalía" means "prosecution", but here it appears to mean prosecuting office or prosecutor.

    I would try something like Office of the Second Provincial Prosecutor, Organized Crime Division.

    I don't really understand how a fiscalía can be "second," unless it refers to the First Assistant (second in command to a principal prosecutor).
  3. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    It could also be second in a series (even a series of two) of prosecutors. Kind of like King George I, King George II, etc. But I am not saying that's likely, just a possibility.

    I agree that Fiscalía probably means the office of the prosecutor. Just like Secretaría refers to the ministry, department, or secretariat, and not to the officer who is the head.
  4. Saby88 New Member

    Thank you so much, It really helped mee!!

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