segunda instancia

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    Debido que confiamos bastante en que la segunda instancia ratifique la Resolución de primera instancia.

    because of the fact that we trust that the Resolution of the Second instance can ratify the resolution of the first instance.

    it is ok????? into english...
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    I think the translation that makes the most sense logically, and that would make the most sense to someone not familiar with Spanish-language court designations, would be

    Because we have sufficient faith that the court of appeals [corte/tribunal de segunda instancia] will confirm/uphold the resolution of the district court [tribuna de primera instancia]...

    "first instance/second instance" would not have any concrete meaning for most English-speakers.
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    Primera instancia can mean the first trial of a suit and segunda instancia trial on first appeal. You presumably have the context.
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    Please help me, too!
    Tribunal de segunda instancia--court of appeals
    Primera instancia--trial court

    This is how I recall from court interprter colleagues.

    First and second instance sound goofy and too literal.

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