1. traveler New Member

    USA-DO Inglizh
    ¿como se dice segundo apellido en inglés?

    por ejemplo

    José Ricardo Mendoza Quispe

    Jose first name
    Ricardo middle name
    Mendoza last name surname
    Quispe ??????

  2. Henrik Larsson Banned

    buena pregunta!! Quizás no tiene traducción porque los ingleses sólo utilizan uno. No sé, esperemos respuestas.
  3. Neru Senior Member

    UK - Inglés
    Hola. Creo que se diría simplemente "second surname".
    Pero a ver si te brindan otra sugerencia...
  4. Carlos Martínez Riera

    Carlos Martínez Riera Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    No tiene palabra específica en inglés, ya que los apellidos son englobados en l término 'name'. Mi 'name' is Martínez Riera.
    De todas maneras, puedes referirte sin problemas a cada uno de los apellidos
    como second or third name (hay quien tiene 5!) No puede confundirse con el nombre porque éste se llama given name o christian name.

    En tu caso, yo te propongo que escribas:
    Name: Mendoza Quispe.
    Si estás traduciendo tu CV, no vale la pena que repliques lo que solemos hacer en español. Adáptalo a la lengua en la que lo escribes.
    Créeme, la vida será más fácil para tí y para los que tengan que tratar contigo (y tratar tus datos). De hecho, cunado viví fuera de España, yo añadí un guión de unión entre mis dos apellidos para que quedara claro que eran un solo 'name'.

  5. Maestra Senior Member

    USA ENGLISH/Spanish
    Second Last Name / Segundo Apellido

    mother’s maiden name / apellido materno

    "Primer apellido" means "primary last name" and "Segundo apellido" means "second last name."

    The BBC at http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/talk/2mas.shtml has an explanation, if needed.

    Here is a very technical term, but I know of no school or business that uses it at all!

    "Prior to examining the individual case of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo it would be well to note the differences in Iberian practices regarding family names. In Spain the usual procedure in determining the family name of an individual is to employ the first name following Christian or given names, thus the patronym or family name of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo would be Rodríguez, with Cabrillo being the matronym (segundo apellido) or mother's maiden name...

    Have a good evening!
  6. Eu73

    Eu73 Senior Member

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Costa Rica (Español)
    bueno yo siempre he visto que se dice "Mother´s maiden name" ...al menos en los formularios por ejemplo de trajetas de credito.
  7. supercrom Banned

    Cercado de Lima, Lima, Perú
    Homo peruvianus, practising AE n' learning BE
    Very good explanation and very useful source, Maestra!

  8. traveler New Member

    USA-DO Inglizh
  9. Miss Rodriguez New Member

    United States
    Mexican Spanish
    Masetra I did like the "primary and secondary" way of saying it. I was able to use it myself! Thank you!
  10. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    The name on the business card of my doctor is:
    Jose María Vélez y Trejo de Meneses

    My wife says that Vélez is his last name (apellido paterno) and that Trejo de Meneses is his mother's maiden name (apellido materno).

    I've never asked the doctor, but I have a feeling that Vélez y Trejo might be his last name.

    Many people here in Mexico will use compound last names or compound mother's maiden names, or both, to preserve these names, especiallly if they are prominent.

    What do you guys think about the above doctor's name?

  11. Miss Rodriguez New Member

    United States
    Mexican Spanish
    I've seen that people use "de" when they're married. In Mexico I've seen that the ladies keep thir maiden last name and just add "de..." with their husband's last name. I thought Jose Maria was a man's name, but I could be wrong.
  12. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    In Spain, at least in the Basque Country, they very often use "de" before what one would consider as their last name, like Miren de Urrutia. They claim that "de Urrutia" is their correct last name.

    Yes, in Mexico, many married women drop their mother's maiden name and append "de" with their husband's last name. However, the trend today, especially for working women, is not to do this and keep their mother's maiden name, that is, maintaining their complete name as when they were single.

    You're right, José María is a man's name. There are many combinations of men's names which include María, as what we call, a middle name.

    You could go crazy trying to figure out Spanish names, especially if you're developing a human resourses or payroll system.

  13. Miss Rodriguez New Member

    United States
    Mexican Spanish
    Us hispanics don't like to keep things simple do we? Similar trends are picking up here in the US as well, now that you can hyphenate last names.
    Thank you for your input!
  14. Thomas Keyes Senior Member

    Southeast Asia
    USA, English
    I tried to enter facebook in Spanish, and was asked el segundo apellido de su madre.

    My mother's maiden name: Mildred Nellie Lewis
    My mother's married name: Mildred Keys/Keyes

    None of these names worked. So I cannot log in for now. Too many tries.

    My mother's mother's maiden name:

    Hettie Crow.

    Crow must be the name they want.

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