seguridad de sí mismo = self-confidence/assurance

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    Hi, it may seem that self-confidence and assurance are very similar when referring to a person quality. Does anybody know if there may be any small difference as they can be translated as "seguridad en sí mismo"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    In the dictionary they can mean the same thing, but in AE for the meaning you want you would most often hear "self-confidence." I see that you're in the UK, though, and I have a feeling this might be different there, so let's see if a BE person can give an answer.

    One of the main differences that does exist between the two terms is that assurance often comes from an outside source, while self-confidence is inherently from within.
  3. pops91710

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    We often say he is self-assured. That could be mistaken for cocky, sometimes.
  4. chicanul Senior Member


    I've also seen "self-assurance" translated as "seguridad en tus capacidades"...
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    I thought that "si mismo" didn't have an accent, but I see it here and in the WR thread... So "si" in this case does have an accent?
  6. jasminasul

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    Yes María. "Si" doesn´t have an accent when it´s conditional (if).
    Si quieres...
    Si vas a venir...

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