Sei ein letztes mal ein kleines bisschen nett zu mir

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This line is from a song called "Beim ersten Mal tut's immer Weh", and translated makes no sense at all in English, so I'm wondering if it's a collocation, idiom, etc.

Directly translated is "Be a last time a little bit nice to me.", and I can't think of any other ways to translate it.

"Next time, be a little bit nicer to me." would make sense, but that is not the case in this :/

So, if a native speaker can get any sense out of this, do tell!
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    Context: It is a Farewell song. Soon you will be far away, we do not know whether we are seeing again, so be (for?) a last time a little bit nice to me before we separate.

    The meaning is "sei doch noch einmal ein bisschen nett zu mir, ehe wir uns trennen (müssen)."

    "Nett sein" can mean "liebkosen" (snuggle, hug).

    If you consider the song, there is a frame: "das erste Mal" = initial experience (experience of love - or in the context of the song it could be the first experience that the other one is cheating)

    Ein letztes Mal (here: one last time)

    "Be one last time a little bit nice to me (snuggle, or make love)."

    So think on a girl friend.
    You meat here the first time. (Begin of the song. You do not know whether she loves you too, it might hurt, lovesickness, first time making love)
    Then you love each other.
    But you have to separate later.
    So you might say: For a last time, we want to be nice to each other.

    I hope, I found the correct English words. In this area many have additional connotations.

    I found the song text.

    The farewell comes from the friend. He was cheating.
    "Täusch mich bitte noch ein letztes Mal"
    Please, (before leaving me), cheat for a last time.

    So it is:
    I love you. I know that you are cheating and you will go away.
    Please cheat for a last time and be nice to me.

    After you will have left me, you will see, it will be a big pain, it will hurting you too, even when you left me.
    I would like you to stay, but you will go.
    Now I say:
    "Sei ein letztes Mal ein kleines bisschen nett zu mir "

    For a last time, be kind, cheat and be nice to me.
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