Sei proprio ciecato!

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How would you translate Sei proprio ciecato! into English?

It's slightly different from cieco (i.e. blind), it's stronger, for example you can say it to someone who can`t see / find something clearable visible.
(maybe he/she can't see it, not because of their bad sight, but because he/she was distracted or agitated or I don't know how to explain it)

then it gives the idea of someone having provoked your blindness (like putting their fingers in your eyes)

I can't do any better
please help me

PS: I want to say it to a girl working with me (we are joking of course)
  • ivanbcn

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    Italiano - Roma
    Grazie, non ci avevo pensato

    Actually, it's a dialect form of accecato, perhaps "blinded"?
    so, could I say " You 're blinded?"
    or are there some idioms?


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    I don't think blinded would be right for the context you want, ivanbcn. Something you could use that is more playful and informal would "as blind as a bat". For example:
    "You're as a blind as a bat!"
    I emphasize that it's something playful to use between friends, in other more formal situations it would cause offense...
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