Seid Ihr bei Trost mit Eurem Vertrag? (Wagner, Rheingold)

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  1. Dolokhov Member

    What does this phrase mean, please?

    e.g., Seid ihr bei Trost mit eurem Vertrag?
  2. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    it is

    Seid ihr bei Trost mit eurem Vertrag?

    Die Redewendung ist "nicht ganz bei Trost sein" - to be a little bit insane
    "mit eurem Vertrag" - with your contract

    Because it is a question:
    Are you insane to provide such a contract/with such a contract?

    Please give more context, because it may depend on context whether the contract is a proposal or if it is ready.
  3. Dolokhov Member

    Thank you very much. Now I understand the meaning. This sentence is a line in Rheingold (2. scene) and the contract refers to Wotan's promise to give over Freia to the giants.
  4. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    This makes it clear.

    Are you out of your mind with your contract?

    See also

    I am not sure whether "contract" is the best translation for "Vertrag" in the given context. It may be "pact" or "agreement".

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