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  1. honolulu New Member


    Please, (I can't get accents to work in this field)
    I am using the verb "selectionner" to write "and then select one of the following"

    selectionnez une des suivantes:

    And I have chosen "une" because "selection" is feminine. is this correct? And if I had used "choisir" I would have used "un" because "choix" is masculine. Would this be correct?

    The "following" items that are being selected are bulleted examples of options of buttons to choose. What noun do I use for determining the gender of the phrase?!?!

    Or would it be equally clear to write, " en selectionnez un(e):?
  2. Grop

    Grop Senior Member

    Tout dépend de ce qu'on sélectionne: une option? un candidat?
  3. honolulu New Member

    une option. So I guess it would be feminine? But does it matter what the options are? Les options sont des boutons...
    (wailing) Where does it end?!!?!
  4. francais_espanol Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Hi honolulu.
    Choisissez/sélectionnez une des options suivantes:
    Choisissez/sélectionnez un des candidats suivants:
    Choisissez/sélectionnez un des boutons suivants:

    un(e) as well as suivant(e) would agree with what is being chosen (i.e. option, candidates, buttons, etc) and not with the verb (sélectionner/choisir).

    Hope that helps.
  5. honolulu New Member

    Thank you so much- those are really great suggestions, and so much more accurate!

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