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Hi all
Please explain to me the meaning of self-abandonment in this case. Does it mean "free"?
"When she was uncertain she still claimed the infant's privilege, and in her boggled fixations there was a quality of self-abandonment that was almost sexual. I'd already learned one lesson about fatherhood - you love your child because she has no subvert life."
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    Yes. Self-abandonment = Freedom and willingness to do what you really want. As adults, we learn to restrain ourselves to fit into society. She is still free and unconcerned with society as a baby is.
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    "Self-abandonment" means that she "abandons herself". I suspect that by itself is not much help. The idea behind it is that she gives up her sense of self, her effort to present herself to the world in a certain way, just as in a sexual response people loose all self-consciousness, or so the author supposes.

    As I am not sure of the specific context, I cannot say exactly what behavior the author is referring to here.
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