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Na yeong

Hello everyone
my class discussed phrase 'may be A, but at least' and 'just because A doesn't mean B'

A : Your car is ugly
B :It may be ugly, but at least it can go fast
A : Your salary is so small
B :well, just because I don't make a lot of money doesn't mean I'm not happy

I think that these phrase' meaning are same. AM I right?

I mean some people said negative so because of self defense, answering people said using these phrase?
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    Hello Na Yeong. :)

    If I understand you, correctly, then yes, you are right. If someone says something negative, the other person may defend that person or thing by pointing out something positive, usually something that is more important than the thing being criticized.

    I want to point out that people don't just use it for self defense --- defending themselves. People also use it in other situations. Here are a few threads on other examples of this construction:
    Just because ... doesn't mean ... [subject of verb?]
    Just because I'm married doesn't mean I will quit partying.
    Just because she makes him work sometimes, this...
    Just because you say it does not make it true

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    If I didn't understand your question, please ask again, so we can try to help you. :)
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