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  1. Γεια σας! What's the exact word to indicate a self-destructive person in modern Greek? I exactly mean someone who cuts themselves and does such things.

    I remember that in ancient Greek the word was "εαυτοντιμωρούμενος"; this ancient word perfectly conveys the idea of what a self-destructive person is, as it contains the concept of punishment. I ask you if in modern Greek there's still such a complete word for a "self-destructive person".
    Moreover, are there two different words to indicate the physical self-harmer and the self-harmer who tortures himself in a psycological way?

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    I 've never seen or heard "εαυτοντιμωρούμενος", but I could imagine reading in an Ancient Greek text "εαυτόν τιμωρούμενος".
    In Modern Greek the person who harms himself in physical or psycological way is called "αυτοκαταστροφικός /-ή" and the verb is "αυτοκαταστρέφομαι".
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    εαυτόν τιμωρούμενος is more akin to self-tormentor, which is different from being self-destructive.

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