self-labeled puritan

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Hi, everyone:

He is a self-labeled puritan.

n. one who is strict on religious issues; one who is strict on moral issues; one who supports modesty and simplicity.

I wonder if I could say in some context that he is a self-labeled puritan, which means he regards himself as a person that does not like to enjoy popular music, because he thinks it is for people with little education. He will not enjoy dirty jokes with others, because he believes their activities are meaningless.He will only do things that he believe meaningful and important.

More explanation:
Since puritan could also refers to "one who is strict on religious issues". I wonder if that may cause vagueness. Could you tell me another similar explanation?

Best wishes
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    I think your proposed usage is too broad. :) "Puritan" in modern AE relates primarily to sexual morals, in my experience. A "self-labeled puritan" would be someone who believed in, for example, sexual abstinence before marriage and strict fidelity within marriage. S/he would disapprove of revealing clothing, sexually explicit lyrics in music, and dirty jokes. But these attitudes would not be based on level of education or on whether an activity was "meaningful." They might well be based on religious belief, but that is not necessary.
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