self-nailing stud guard


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This is my first post.

This is for a stud guard, one of the descriptions is that is "self nailing" which means they have small sharp points that act as a fastener when hammered against the board.
I was thinking about translating as:

How would you translate self nailing?
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    If you showed us the complete sentence in English, it might be easier for us to come up with an alternative that fits the context.


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    The manufacturers of these devices call them Nail Stoppers or Nail Protection Plates. In Spanish, they call them Placas de protección:
    Self nailing stud guard.
    The problem here is Lee is not the manufacturer of said stud guards. They are just explaining how to use them and maybe even supply them since they show an item number. In reality, they do not guard the studs at all, but the wiring (Romex) or piping/plumbing that pass through the studs.
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    Esa placa protectora no necesita puntillas, pero no se clava sola. :)
    Mi sugerencia:
    Placa metálica protectora (para protección de elementos internos de tabique) con elementos de anclaje integrales.
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