self-opinionated kind of argument

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What is the adverb for argument made which is based on obviously wrong logic (yet unremittingly and blindly pushed through by the arguer without ever seeing the point in others)? arguing stubbornly?
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    That's what I'd call wrong-headedly, PB. Here's the OED's definition of wrong-headed:
    1. Having a perverse judgement or intellect; persistent or obstinate in erroneous opinion; perversely or obstinately wrong.


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    I guess ewie and I hang out with the same people, so have had occasion to use the word when pointing out to them how wrong-headed they clearly are.

    The thesaurus at includes wrong headed as a synonym of dogmatic, along with a wide range of others words ~ bigoted, bullheaded, categorical, cocksure .... However, none of the others seem to me to mean that the person's opinion is necessarily wrong.

    (The thesaurus gives no synonyms for the adverbial form that would be derived from the adjective.)
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