Self-regarding and group-regarding instincts


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Dans le passage ci-dessous, je cherche une traduction française pour les termes en gras.
Ma proposition : instincts centrés sur l'individu, et instincts centrés sur le groupe.

McCormick (2006, 7) describes and places instincts into two broad classifications.
One classification being self-regarding, and the other as group-regarding.
Self-regarding instincts focus only on the interests of the individual, disregarding any effects to the group. Group-regarding instincts focus on the best interests and continuation of the human species as a whole.
Although classified differently, these instincts are not mutually exclusive of each other. There are cases where these classifications of instincts work together in tandem, and cases in which they contradict in varying degrees. An evolutionary lens provides a basic view into the interaction of self-regarding and group-regarding instincts.
Self-regarding instincts are required for an individual to survive; however, the individual will not survive without the group. This potentially diametric concept suggests that cooperation between individuals is an instinctual intersection between these classifications, where cooperation is a necessity for the continued survival of the self and of the group.
Specific group-regarding instincts are identified by McCormick (2006, 8-12) as “parental bent,” “workmanship,” and “idle curiosity.” The instinct of parental bent is the focus an individual places on nurturing and caring for younger and weaker individuals within a given society to make life better for future generations. The instinct of workmanship is the intrinsic desire to provide efficient, quality output of completed work, and leaving little waste.
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    L'instinct de préservation de l'individu
    L'instinct de préservation du groupe (qui se révèle être un instinct de préservation de l'espèce). On parle aussi d'"instinct grégaire".
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