Self serving determinations

María Madrid

Spanish Spain
He was subjected to mock hearings and self-serving determinations.

Could someone please explain the meaning of self-serving in this context? The text is about someone who was illegally arrested, tortured, etc. Thanks for your suggestions. :)
  • I think we may need more background (actually some background). If you are self-serving it means that you arrange things for your own benefit rather than impartially. A determination in this context is the finding of a court or tribunal. I presume the courts falsify their findings to benefit themselves (which doesn't seem too likely) or are pressurized to do so by whoever it is that is "self-serving".
    Thanks Mole, it's just what you said, the court falsifying evidence.

    As I said the context is someone being illegally arrested (obviously by the authorities) and tortured (again by those who arrested him) so what you suggest makes perfect sense. Thanks again! :)