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Hi, everyone,

On Saturday, Feb. 12, Shi read on an Internet chat forum that January inflation would be a lower-than-forecast 4.9 percent. Two friends had heard the same, says Shi, who set a strategy to sell shares into a rally he anticipated as the figure spread.

Can I say "to sell shares into a market " instead of " to sell shares into a rally"?

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    I suppose you could, Thuhoai, but it wouldn't mean exactly the same thing. To sell shares into a rally means to sell shares in a market that is on its way up. The value of shares increases as people begin buying them.


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    These would have different meanings. "Sell shares into the market" is a general term, and it is understood that if you sell shares, you are referring to the stock market, but if you "sell shares into a rally," the "rally" signifies that stock prices will rally, or increase dramatically.

    So, to sell shares into a rally is to sell your shares with the anticipation that you will be able to sell for significantly more than they are currently worth.
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