Sembrar (microbiología)


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¿Como se traduce al inglés "sembrar" (en el campo de la microbiología)?
Dudo entre to seed o to spread.

Gracias de antemano.
  • Kaede

    US- English
    I know its a late reply, but I came across this a year later, looking for the same thing, and decided to try my hand at it in case in another year someone else comes looking for the same thing.

    My answer is that it depends on the context. (Like always)

    If you are spreading bacteria uniformly over agar: to spread
    If you are streaking to get isolated colonies (en rayas): to streak
    If you are adding bacteria to a liquid culture: to inoculate
    If you are putting eukaryotic cells into tissue culture: to seed
    If you are infecting a tissue culture or organism: to infect or to inoculate