semejante término

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  1. admoose Senior Member

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    Hi again everyone

    I'm translating an article about American foreign policy which includes the phrase:

    Tenemos que volver al concepto de construir naciones”, dice. “Nadie quiere usar semejante término, porque está prohibido. Pero ese es el asunto”.

    As far as I understand it:

    "No-one wants to use such an end, because it is forbidden."

    But I'm not sure about the use of 'término' here. . .Please help!

  2. daveyjoe Senior Member

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    Does it not refer to the term, or the word, used?
  3. admoose Senior Member

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    Do you mean what término refers to? If so, then no it doesn't seem to!
  4. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    It refers to the terms used: "construir naciones" or another said before.
  5. admoose Senior Member

    UK British
    I think I understand. . .so could it be translated as

    'No-one wants to use such terms, because they are forbidden'


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