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John Keeling

The translation into English as semiotics is strictly correct but infuriating, because semiotics is not a word in general use in the English language. Therefore I would like to see also, or in brackets, (the study of signs and symbols) which I had to find out by doing a Google meaning search.
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    Hi, John!

    I understand you are frustrated that our Spanish-English dictionary does not provide a clarification of the sense of semiotics in English. That is understandable. Please note that our dictionaries often include disambiguators and other parenthetical notes, such as the one you suggest, especially when the term is too technical or so uncommon that a native speaker would not understand the translation in the target language without further guidance.

    I cannot speak to the steps that will be taken in the Spanish-English dictionary, but I have some news from the Spanish base side of things! :)

    We reviewed several entries that deal with the same concepts in Spanish, namely, semiótica, semiología, semasiología, as well as the corresponding adjectives, harmonizing their senses and providing revised sample sentences in Spanish. These entries will be reviewed by the Spanish-English team later on and will ultimately be published in our website.

    I also wanted to remind you—and everyone reading this thread—that every single word on our website is searchable! If you stumble upon a term that requires a full definition for you to grasp its meaning, you can also click on that term, which will take you to another dictionary page where you will find a link to its definition. I acknowledge that is not the ideal way to gain a better understanding of the target language, but it can be a useful work-around while we improve the dictionaries.

    Thanks again for your feedback and hoping to bring a better user experience next time!