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    Thanks for the error report, which has made my day. The word is actually correct!

    From the Concise Oxford: 'senary adj. rare relating to or based on the number six'.
    The Portuguese adjective senário (six-related) is a homophone of the noun cenário, meaning 'scenery' in the theatrical or cinematic sense, from cena 'stage'. I suspect you have been tripped up by this amusing little curiosity.


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    Hi Casaleiro,

    Yes, indeed! My partner (who is Portuguese) had written 'senary' in place of 'scenery' in a piece of writing and when she showed me the entry in the wordreference dictionary we thought it was a mistake - we later discovered we had the wrong spelling of the Portuguese word and that's where the confusion had arisen! Definitely helpful for my Portuguese, and her English! ;) Many thanks for your kind reply :)