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I am doing a translation about Sarkozy and Hollande from le Canard from 2014, it is roughly about Hollande's affair and Sarkozy returning to the political arena. It also talks about Hollande on a scooter and Sarkozy cycling. The first sentence has confused me.

It reads: "Il s'en bat l'oeil. Quand son successeur à l'Elysée se promème nuitamment sur son scooter, casque sur la tête, pour ne pas être reconnu, alors qu'il visit une illégitime, lui va, tête nue, avec sa légitime, la cuisse avantageuse."

I am completely stuck on what the first short sentence means, is it something about fluttering his eyelids?

The rest I roughly translated as: "....While his successor in the president's office goes for nightly rides on his scooter wearing a helmet on his head so as not to be recognised while he visits his secret girlfriend, there goes Sarkozy, head and attractive thighs (or juicy legs?) on show, looking the picture of innocence."

merci d'avance!
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