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  • Fox123

    Rocky Mountain English
    I'm sorry, I don't have any context.
    I just wanted a definition for this word and I couldn't find it in the World Reference dictionary. :(
    Thank you anyway...


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    New Zealand, English
    There is no translation per se - it really does depend on the context.

    You must have seen it in a sentence to be wondering about it? Maybe you can give us that sentence.


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    France, Français
    I just wanted a definition for this word ["s'en" ]
    It is not a word; it is the compound of se + en (and the "e" of "se" is élidé, i.e. suppressed, to be replaced by an apostrophe).
    As it is a grammatical compound, as would be e.g. "that in", there is no boum-boum translation - sorry.


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    Hello Fox123 and dear helpers, :)

    This thread is now located in this new Grammar Forum. We hope you will find the few tips on how to post in this forum very useful. The aim of that forum is to help members to learn and understand any grammar queries.
    Indeed, context is crucial in linguistics. What do we mean by context?
    Quote the words which need translating and, if possible, give your attempt. What is your question about? Is it a problem of agreement, of conjugation…? Please be specific in your post; explain your doubts.
    Is there any context? Please realize that context is critical in linguistics. You must, therefore, provide the complete sentence. If it’s possible to give the source, please do so.
    The preceding and following sentences can often help us to understand the problem. Once again, please give these if possible.
    Fox123, if a question like yours lacks at least a sample sentence, our members will find it difficult to provide accurate answers. As Jean said: there is no boum-boum translation.

    However, you may also find our Grammar Resources very useful.

    Thank you for your attention, and good luck!


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