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"It did not sound exciting even on the formal invitation, but for some reason which he would not explain, Vincent thought we should go. He said we should send back the formal acceptance card and ask the nurse to stay late."

The End of The Story, Lydia Davis. p.168

The narrator's talking about a reception that they were invited to.

I'm asking because it seems to me a little bit odd to send back an invitation card, is it something usual in formal parties? or it means something else, perhaps?

Thanks in advance.
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    It is not the invitation that they are sending back but the "formal acceptance card."
    Formal invitations, like wedding invitations, come with the larger invitation and a smaller card and envelope which are sent back to the sendor/invitor to let them know whether or not you will be attending.


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    Yes, formal invitations usually request a reply, so that the hosts know whether you are coming. Sometimes a reply card is provided with the invitation but more usually you simply send a card or note of your own.


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    It is not an acceptance card, it is a {formal acceptance} card. It is a card upon which you indicate if you have accepted the invitation - it is separate from the invitation card.

    The formal acceptance card is a card that is useful to the host of the party/event, who will then know how many guests will attend.