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Dear all,

The mailorder company sent her the item she ordered, so she sent them back the money she owed.

I made up the sentence.
Is it not correct to add the 'back' in there? I think I can leave it out, but I would like to know whether the phrase 'send back' is only used for returning the stuff itself you recieved.
In my sentence, the 'back' is used to add the meaning of 'in return for the item I received' or something like that; I want the 'back' to imply that I'm sending the money in return for the product they sent me.

I would appreciate any comments.
  • owlman5

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    Hello, wannabee. I don't think "back" in that sentence is necessary. It's also somewhat confusing, so I recommend that you leave it out:

    People can use "send back" with other meanings, but I'd reserve that phrase to express the idea that I was returning something that somebody had sent to me earlier.
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