Send "it" to the Navy


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Dear all,

Baby, baby
Stick your head in gravy
Wash it out with bubble gum
and send it to the Navy

It seems to be a taunt used by children when teasing a crybaby and such.
I'm not perfectly sure what the "it" refers to in the last line. Are you not confused at all?
If it is "your head", it's definitely gross, and if "the gravy-mixed bubble gum", it would not sound so uneducational.
  • sdgraham

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    Nonsense poems are poor sources for learning English, and never, ever, should be considered "educational," but "it" seems to be exactly the same as the "it" the penultimate line, which is part of the same sentence.

    In other words, it seems to refer to "your head."


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    Either that, or the gravy that you washed off your head (by using an unlikely material, bubblegum). Either way, I agree with sdgraham: this is a nonsense poem. It is not supposed to make sense. We shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't.


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    Thank you very much, sdgraham and Egmont!
    I have no objection.:) I feel modestly happy to know that the "it" could refer to any of "your head", "bubble gum" and "gravy"!
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