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Hello, there:
I am wondering what the difference is between "send" and "send off".

I saw examples in the definition.
1. He sent off copies to various people for them to read and make comments.

2. I sent a copy to the minister for transport.

I am wondering if they are interchangable.
I am unclear the difference about "send" and "send off" to native speakers' ears.
May I have your clarification?
Thanks a lot!
  • driedbean

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    They mean the same thing, but to send off is more informal. I might say 'I sent the papers' to my boss and 'I sent the papers off' to a colleague.

    Uncle Bob

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    British English
    Another difficult one! (I think so anyway).
    Sorry, driedbean, but I beg to differ. I don't think they are interchangable. For me:
    To "send" describes the action ("To send a letter to someone.", "To send a child to school" ...).
    To "send off" implies that you are more concerned about having done the job of sending something than to whom/where you have sent it.
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