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In this context can someone help with the translation into English with the phrase "s'engage auprès de"?

Toute sa vie il s'est engagé auprès des plus démunis.

This refers to the work of Abbé Pierre supporting the homeless.

Is it "committed himself to supporting the most destitute" This doesn't translate exactly though.
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    Did you see the WR dictionary entry for "s'engager"? The example given is very close to your own with "en faveur de" instead of "auprès de":
    s'engager v pron (prendre parti) campaign, lobby vi crusade vi work vi
    L'abbé Pierre s'était engagé en faveur des mal-logés. Abbé Pierre campaigned for homeless people.
    Or maybe something like: ... devoted his whole life to the very poor ...

    Plume d'ange

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    All his life, he was committed to helping the least fortunate / he was involved in helping the most underprivileged.
    He invested his whole life in helping the poorests.
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