senior to me by two years


Chinese, Taiwan
Hi, everybody
If I want to say someone who is two years higher than I in grade in school, can I say the following?
He is senior to me by two years in college.
Is it ok?
Or could you give me better expressions?
Thank you in advance.
  • LouisaB

    Senior Member
    English, UK
    Sure, Learnanglo, that works just fine although in North America, it might be more commonly expressed as:

    "He's two years ahead of me..."
    Same in the UK. The original is fine, but in the UK we'd also commonly use the 'two years ahead of me' form.

    In formal writing, however, 'senior to me' is probably better. We'd probably simplify it slightly by saying 'He's two years senior to me' rather than 'senior to me by two years'.

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