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Hello. I would like a speaker of British English to tell me what they would understand when reading "seeking senior translator/reviser".

A) the person being sought is older, perhaps over 40.
B) the person has already been a junior translator/reviser and this is a promotion.
C) the person wanted has good skills translating and revising. So he/she is not a beginner.
D) the person being sought has high diplomas, perhaps from some senior top notch school.

Thanks so much in advance!
  • Biffo

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    I would presume B. However as I read it the post is senior but the applicant may not have to be. If a 'junior' translator/reviser has an excellent work record and references, they may well be appointed and promoted in the process. This is my impression. The only way to be sure is to ask the writer of the advertisement.
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