sens de l’effort


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The headline with this phrase, appearing here, reads:
"Trop de Français n'ont pas le sens de l'effort, dit Macron"

The only english translation I've found is "effort", which doesn't make sense to me in this context.

A French definition here is,
" Le sens de l’effort est la capacité à fournir l’énergie, le travail « non plaisant » nécessaire pour atteindre ses objectifs."

From the above I'm guessing: gumption, drive, get-up-and-go.

I'm also wondering if the phrase "le goût de l'effort", appearing here
on this forum and translated, "To learn the rewards of hard work." is synonymous with it.
Any comments, especially from francophones, would be most appreciated.

Merci d'Avance
  • mehoul

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    I think that our president mixed the set expressions "goût de l'effort" and "sens du devoir" or "sens des responsabilités". Basically he is saying that we French are lazy... I wonder if that will calm things down.


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    D'accord avec @mehoul. La petite nuance tient à ce que dans goût, il y a une dimension de plaisir ou de récompense ("to learn the rewards of hard work") qui est absente dans sens. Goûter l'effort, c'est l'apprécier ; avoir le sens de l'effort, cela ne fait pas appel au plaisir mais à la discipline...

    Uncle Bob

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    I think sens is "meaning" here: the meaning of hard work? ("He doesn't know the meaning of hard work" is a common idiom.)


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    Oh dear, he's at it again...

    I'd probably go for "work ethic" here to translate "sens de l'effort" (taste for effort).

    Trop de Français n'ont pas le sens de l'effort, dit Macron = Too many French people have poor work ethic. ("questionable" could work here too).

    Terrible management team. It's a family owned company so many people have poor work ethic because jobs are set in stone for those people
    Some extremely intelligent people have poor work ethic, and don't believe they need to work hard and as result fall short.)

    Or "work-shy". Too many French people are work-shy.
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