sensory vs. sensorial

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  1. alvarokas Member

    Is there any difference in the meaning of these two adjectives??

    I'm looking for an adjective describing the data coming from the body senses.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    I don't think there's a difference but I rarely see "sensorial." I would use "sensory."
  3. ptak30

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    The dictionaries usually define them as synonyms of each other. That being said the Mirriam Webster dictionary gives "sensuous" as another synonym of the two, although in general use it has a much narrower meaning. Google gives far more hits for "sensory data" than "sensorial data". I think that "sensory" would be more likely to be used since "sensorial" could be confused with "censorial".
  4. alvarokas Member

    Thanks for your comments. Following your suggestions, I choose "sensory".
    You are always really useful :)
  5. alain larochelle

    alain larochelle Senior Member

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    There is a difference in usage that's hard to define but consider this heading from Google:: "Montessori Education: Sensorial Activities for Sensory Integration" I would have written it the same way. Sensory seems to always mean "of the senses" while sensorial is the general adjective: "relating to the senses."

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