sensuously shaped soaking tub


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Hello everyone,

Direct quote from Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner:

But what she returned to again and again was the sensuously shaped soaking tub. Her fingers, dancing along the polished edges, following the line that dipped down the middle, then back up at both ends.

What does sensuously shaped soaking tub mean? Actually, what does sensuously shaped mean in this context?
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    Hmm, okay. That's a fairly new concept for me. I haven't read about such description before. That's why I couldn't wrap my head around it.

    Thank you, Thomas Tompion.


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    Greetings all round

    There are some prosaic explanations here. The writer was clearly using a metaphor, in formal rhetoric sometimes called hypallage, or "transferred epithet". The "curves" are clearly those of the lady.



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    "Sensuous" doesn't have to be sexual. It can also simply mean a treat for the senses. It could be pretty to look at with your eyes, it could feel good to sit in with your sense of touch. Or, of course maybe the author actually was trying to be sexually suggestive. Without more context, I would go with the interpretation of AutumnOwl. If the same paragraph, when read in its entirety, had more lines that could be considered sexually suggestive then I might be inclined to go with Scholiast.


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    For me, the curves are those of the tub, not the woman. It literally says that -- sensuously shaped soaking tub. The tub is curved, and does not have straight lines or sharp corners.
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