sent off for two bookable offences [BrE football/ AmE soccer]


What does 'sent off for two bookable offences' mean in this phrase:
They also fell a goal behind and had Pablo Zabaleta sent off for two bookable offences.

I assume that it means that Zabaleta had to leave the pitch after two yelow cards.

It's from an article about the performances of Manchester City this season.


Thank you.
  • appatite

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    Yes, a bookable offence is one that can lead to a person's name being recorded. In football you should receive a yellow or red card for a bookable offence. Other offences might lead to a simple free kick.

    The term can also be used in other situations. For example, a bookable offence in the context of driving is one that is likely to lead to a formal ticket rather than just a verbal warning.

    Thomas Tompion

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    The point is that you can be sent off for one terrible thing, a straight red card, or for two relatively minor things - two yellow cards in the course of a match lead to a red card, and, therefore, expulsion from the pitch.

    Clearly the two yellow cards suggest that you aren't so clearly a danger to other players - red cards are usually given for very dangerous play, though they can be given for very unsporting play, like intentional hand ball.

    Most players and officials would view a red card coming from two yellow cards less seriously than one given for a single offence.
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