sentimiento / sensacion / sentido

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    i was wondering if soneone could clear up for me once and for all what the different connotations are for sensacion, sentido and sentimiento??

    thanks very much! x
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    Sentido is sense, the five senses.

    Sensación and sentimiento can be both translated as feeling, but the former is usually more about intuition (e.g. tengo la sensación de que algo malo va a pasar), and the latter about mood (e.g. sentimiento triste)
  3. Hina Member

    Well, this words are a bit similar but really different.

    Sensación is 'sensation'.
    Sentido is 'sense'. Like the five senses: the sense of smell...
    And sentimiento is feeling, like feel love/happy/glad.

    Is that what you were looking? I hope so.

    Feel free to correct me ;)

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