Senza lode, senza infamia


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Senza lode e senza infamia
Is there a in English a traslation or way of saying with the same concept of this Italian way of saying?
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    Credo che il detto corretto sia:
    "Senza infamia e senza lode"
    ("Senza infamia né lode")

    Dear friend,

    The position of "lode" and "infamia" is indifferent, I think we agree on that. :) The difference - if any - lies in the message you wish to convey:

    Senza lode e senza infamia -
    I wasn't praised, but neither was I blamed (I'm satisfied with not having been blamed :) )

    Senza infamia e senza lode -
    I wasn't blamed, but neither was I praised (I'm NOT satisfied, for I wasn't praised :( )

    I believe I've never heard "senza lode NE' infamia": the phrase would be absolutely correct, I don't doubt it, but I've never heard it as a figure of speech...

    Take care,