separate but equal facilities

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Est -ce que facilities dans ce contexte veut dire 'complexes, installations"

"This case is potentially every bit as momentous as Brown v Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruling that less than 50 years ago declared "separate but equal" facilities for different races to be illegal. "

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  • Baz31

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    British English

    The text is referring to segregation (which I'm sure you already realised), and in this particular case segregation in public schools. This article gives a very brief run down of the ruling and refers to sperate and equal "educational facilities".

    I have a feeling facilities might include things like the services etc. provided, rather than just the buildings alone. There is also a French Wikipedia page about Brown v. Board of Education here, in which the article mentions égalité matérielle en termes de bâtiments, de services et d'enseignement.
    While I can't give you an exact translation in French, hopefully this might point you in the right direction...
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