sequencing DNA from sea-floor muck

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Does "sequencing DNA from sea-floor muck" mean "sequencing DNA (of whatever organisms) from sea-floor muck"?

At the first glance, it appears to say sequencing DNA of muck, which sounds ridiculous.

These unruly microbes belong to a category of single-celled organisms called archaea, which resemble bacteria under a microscope but are as distinct from them in some respects as humans are. The Lokis, as they are sometimes known, were discovered by sequencing DNA from sea-floor muck collected near Greenland1. Together with some related microbes, they are prodding biologists to reconsider one of the greatest events in the history of life on Earth — the appearance of the eukaryotes, the group of organisms that includes all plants, animals, fungi and more.

Source: nature 14 MAY 2019
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