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Hello there,
Here's a question from an online test on that confounded me.

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence.​
I must report to the meeting that Cyrus completed his first piece of work well ahead of schedule. ... however, his work has been handed in late.​
a. Sequentially​
b. Subsequently​
c. Consequently​

Even having looked up the words in the dictionary, I can't decide which one is correct. Could you please help me?
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    Please give us a starting point. Which do you think is most likely? If you can't tell us that, tell us which one you think is probably wrong.

    Once we have an idea of your thinking, people will do their best to help you.


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    Okay. I think it is "subsequently."
    I simply picked up a suitable word in Russian, then translated it with a dictionary, and it turned out to be "subsequently". Is it a correct word?
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