ser el pato de una boda

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    You'll have to give us more context information, mangosteenz. Where did you see it? Who said it?



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    I'm wondering about the same. Here's the context I've seen the expression in: "el vecinalismo entreterriano estaba ya con los ánimos de demasiado caldeados como para mantener la pasividad ante la impresión de ser el pato de una boda allá en la alturas."


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    It refers to someone who has receive a bad thing (or has to pay) for something that is not his responsability (or at least not the only his)... I don't know if I am explaining myself rigth...
    I don't know the exact origin of this phrase but I think it means that a person is in the same situation of someone who has to pay for a wedding which is not his.
    Do you understand me?... I did my best! Here is another explanation (but in Spanish!):
    Bye! :)


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    Thanks, pequet. That was the explanation we were looking for! Thank you also for the link. :)

    One possible translation in English is to get stuck with the bill. It isn't as metaphorical as the "pato" expression in Spanish, but it is just as idiomatic.