"sera l'inspiration sans precedent".


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Struggling to find a good translation for this phrase: "sera l'inspiration sans precedent". The whole sentence is: "Notre produits peuvent ameliorer votre experience, sera l'inspiration sans precedent". The translation is a product description about a rope bracelet from the french amazon website.

Thanks in advance :)
  • jazzhoyt94

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    Can you elaborate a bit more and give some context? It doesn't mean much in french.
    The paragraph as a whole talks about the brand that makes the bracelet and it says : SODIAL est une marque deposee. Seulement les vendeurs autorisees de SODIAL peuvent vendre les listes sous SODIAL.Notre produits peuvent ameliorer votre experience sera l'inspiration sans precedent.

    I have it translated so far as:" SODIAL is a registered trademark. Only the authorised sellers of SODIAL can sell under the SODIAL lists. Our products can improve your experience and....."

    Hope that helps :)
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