Serbian(?): Šumadinka


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Hello, friends, I have a piece of sheet music with the title shown above, labeled "Yugoslavian".
Google Translate said "Bosnian detected", but I suspect that's a wild guess.
Can you help me with the meaning?
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    Apparently another Serbian dance:
    We should mention that central Serbia is often referred to as Sumadija and Pomoravlje (Morava river valley) – two largest regions in this part of Serbia – hence all dances proceeding from this ethnochoreological area bear names like Sumadija kolo, sumadinka, regardless of the dance which appears behind such names. (

    Folklorists tend to be good at folklore, but not necessarily at languages. The name of the area is Šumadija (Serbian Cyrillic: Шумадија), but you will find references to and video clips of the Sumadinka or Šumadinka dance.
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