Serbian (BCS): Bejbe ti nisi tu


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Poland, Polish
Hello! I need some of you to help me, please! I've got an Electricni Orgazam song's lyrics - would somebody be so nice and translate it into English???? Thanks in advance! ;-)


Jutro tek je svanulo, nezno me dodirnulo
Budim se, shvatam, vise nisi tu.
Otvori oci bejbe, ovaj dan je tvoj bejbe
Al' bejbe, bejbe, bejbe ti nisi tu.

The rest here

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  • alby

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    Baby you're not here (around)

    The morning rised, gently touched me,
    Im waking up, realised, you are not here.
    Open your eyes baby, this day is yours baby
    but baby, baby, baby your not here (around)

    Baby, baby, baby you are not here
    I said baby, baby, baby you are not here
    When the dream comes, i know then
    Im dreaming you for the last time
    Because baby, baby, baby you are not here.

    You think you are smart/clever, but you are really silly (stupid)
    You are not here, that's the end, that's the end.

    Where are you gonna go now baby, you are totally crazy baby
    Because baby, baby, baby you are not here

    ref. again.

    This is originally song by Rolling stones "Baby you're out of time"

    Please correct my english...

    P.S. Great song, great group :) !



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    Poland, Polish
    Ohh, thank you Natsa, for replying so quickly ;*!!! Your translation is great, there are no mistakes to correct! The song and the group are GGGGREAT - that's a fact. But now I also now the lyrics is as beautiful as the melody itself :D Thank you verrry verrry much one more time!!! And could I know exactly what language is it??? I think it's yugoslavian, isn't it?

    P.S.: Are you sure the original title's "Baby you're out of time"? I can't find this MP3 on the internet and it was curious how it could sound ^^.

    But now it's Bejbe bejbe bejbe ti nisi tu :D!!!

    Thanks one more itme, dear Natasa :*******


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    Hi Mietagosia,

    It's Serbian language and serbian famouse rock band.
    And about the original title you can try just with "out of time" you will find it :)!

    P.S. Btw there is no Yugoslavian language ;)